Nefertiti’s Secrets natural hair care collection is inspired by the beauty secrets of ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti and beauty rituals practiced during her reign.

Moringa oil is Nefertiti’s Secrets key ingredient. The value of Moringa oil was known to ancient civilizations. In fact, Moringa oil was discovered in King Tut’s tombs once opened after thousands of years. It is highly absorbent and penetrates into the hair shaft.  It has a potent antioxidant profile which gives the oil its remarkable stability. Moringa oil is rich in vitamins A and C which are vital nutrients for healthy hair.

We believe that Proper Nutrients for your hair are just as important as proper nutrients for your body. Our products are specially formulated to address problems related to the hair and scalp. Our innovative products are infused with a unique blend of Nature's most nourishing ingredients including Moringa Oil, Aloe Vera, Rosemary and Sage Extracts. These Natural Hair Solutions provide vital nutrients to correct, repair, revitalize, rejuvenate your hair while encouraging new hair growth. They are also excellent for restoring moisture, hydrating, strengthening, and preventing breakage for all hair types and textures.

Each product formula has been salon tested and proven to work equally well on a variety of hair textures to meet the needs of the multicultural population. At last, a multi-purpose system developed to eliminate the need for several different hair products designed to help you achieve healthy hair and scalp. This amazing system will leave your hair looking and feeling more beautiful and healthier than ever!